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yeah, im learning animation 
so i won't be posting stuff for a long time 
you could say im on hiatus!
i have ten watchers! 
i know it's  little, but it's something! thanks all of you!
so, I've seen this kind of stuff around deviant-art, so I decided to try with my character. 
this is how it works: you guys ask "Selena" a question, and "she" answers it.
Example: "What's your favorite color?" 
since i am planning to make a cartoon around her, i want to try something like this. i will also be using drawings for each question; some might be hand drawn (by me) some maybe from a base, and some tracing from a cartoon (most likely Star vs the forces of evil because that's the closest to my style)

You can ask either Selena, Max or Susan
Selena is the main character (if you have seen the other stuff involving her you would know her story, if not see those)
Max is her human best friend (who she also has a crush on) and Susan is his little sister who is also a genius. 
also, you need to address who you are asking 
it'll be understandable once it starts
Keep the questions kid friendly (these are kids, after-all) 
You're allowed to get personal

so yeah. 
Selena turns human
so, you know how i said i'll give you the story of Selena 'later'?
well, now is later

so, did you notice to the side the version of her with purple skin and no ears?
well, that is her original form, the one she was born with
she originates from a small kingdom called 'Soliaris', in the planet 'Mintupaz'
which, by the way is made from the words topaz (English) מין (Hebrew) and פז(Hebrew) 
which basically means; from within golden topaz
it's weird, but basically the planet was formed from a piece of 'golden' topaz

anyway, she came from the Belle family, the royal family of Soliaris
her mom is named Silvia, her father Rimon and her big sister Lumina
even as a young girl, she dreamed of going to other planets, but her parents were overprotective 
when she was 4 years old (their years, if she was a human she would be at least 20 years old) she met up with Vicxie, a half demon from the underworld of Mntupaz, along with her parents and brother
the two became good friends, and Selena's sister and Vicxie's brother fell in love
and although they kept meeting almost every year, they grew apart and started meeting less and less
even though that, Selena kept lamenting how much she misses her best friend
soon she became sad when she learned Vicxie had grown her horns, which meant she was now a full demon, so they couldn't see each other anymore

after she became 10 (their years in human years she would be almost 100 years old) she started learning magic and meditation, and once in her meditation she learned of earth, and started to research about it
she eventually found a video documentary about it, and she fell in love with the earth
she would keep learning more and more, eventually deciding she wanted to go there
her parents did not agree
eventually, new servants came to the castle (two men and one girl), but Selena sensed something off 
she soon figured out up they were human spies, and they struck a deal that they would take her to earth
she agreed, and prepared to go there

so, they arrived at earth, and the three humans looked concerned
they knew she couldn't walk around like she was, with purple-gray skin, no nose or ears, and being pretty tall and way skinnier than any human
they asked her if she knew a spell to turn her into a human, and she said if they give her a necklace, she could cast an illusion spell on it so that whenever she wears it she will lokk human, and so one of the men gave her a necklace, the blue one 
the other two ran away from them,  and so the man took her in
he let her sleep in a tree house near his house, and she was there for almost a year until she saw a young bow
she looked to see who he was and turns out he was the man's son
the two then started talking and became friends
"where are you from?" asked the boy
"Soliaris," she said
"is that in /russia?" the boy asked
the boy's name was max
she eventually came in his home and met his family
he had a younger sister named Susan, and an older sister named Jane
she started living with them, and didn't notice almost two years passed
okay, i'm tired of writing! the rest, and why and how she's turning human here, I'll do later!
yeah, im learning animation 
so i won't be posting stuff for a long time 
you could say im on hiatus!




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